House, stay at home orders across the country: what each state is doing or not doing amid widespread coronavirus lockdowns. Washington leading disease forecasters whose research the white house used to conclude that 100 000 people will, thousands fromsan francisco's growing homeless population will reportedly be housed in several of the city's empty hotels to. White house guidance still under debate would be a reversal of earlier mask recommendations and signals seriousness of, daft ie says that this is the first time since late 2006 that fewer than 20 000 homes have been on the market. Media outlets are grappling with how to cover the president's coronavirus briefings which mix valuable information with, dr deborah birx the coordinator of the white house task force on the coronavirus had a message for americans on thursday:.

The white house is expected to announce a new recommendation that all americans wear cloth masks to help prevent the spread, oann a rabidly pro trump television outlet declared on thursday evening that it won't await its turn for a seat in the. In a task force briefing the white house offered the first look at the statistical models being used to anticipate how the, we need to ensure those dollars are spent effectively and carefully " pelosi said in a press conference by phone with.

President trump lashed out at congressional democrats for announcing an oversight committee to monitor the virus response

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