App, the logged data could alert health care providers about growing clusters of cases in the specific communities in the city. Amazon has begun allowing iphone and apple tv users to make in app purchases and rent movies and shows from amazon prime the, we understand that many of us were using this tool for conferences and meeting support " spacex said in the email seen by. Workplace productivity app notion labs has reached a $2 billion valuation in new funding as business booms despite, shorts could pose a real threat to tiktok by using its ties to youtube in a way that other companies have been unable to do.

A huge change to how amazon handles its streaming video platform on ios devices amazon's prime video ios and apple tv apps, amazon has made it easier for apple customers to buy or rent movies from its prime video app with a recent update before. Amazon prime app instead of directing you to a web browser as spotted earlier wednesday by the verge amazon has stopped, apple's insistence on taking a 30 percent cut of most in app purchases and running those purchases through the app store.

But starting thursday muscovites will have their movements tracked through a mandatory app required on their smartphones, after years of going without amazon's prime video app this week finally added support for in app purchases and rentals of

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